Welcome to the website of Friends of the Virginia Pep Band, Inc. (FVPB)! 

We are an organization committed to preserving the scramble band tradition at the University of Virginia and supporting the continued operations of the Virginia Pep Band. 

Why We Love the Virginia Pep Band (and So Would Have Thomas Jefferson)!

We believe that in an age of cookie-cutter "State U's," UVA should not be afraid to maintain a distinct identity. We believe that the Pep Band is an important part of UVA's unique character. As one of a few entirely student-run Division I sports bands in the United States, the Pep Band provides a unique opportunity for student leadership and growth. The Pep Band's "scramble band"-style shows feature an invigorating blend of energetic music and creative humor that (we believe) is far more interesting than the staid performance style of a conventional marching band. In its 29-year history, the overwhelming majority of the Pep Band's performances have left audiences with smiles on their faces. In an age where the influence of profit seems to have no limit in intercollegiate athletics, the Pep Band is a refreshing reminder that college-level sports are played by amateur student-athletes to a primarily student audience for the supposed purpose of fostering the development of young men and women through competition and sportsmanship.

Why the Pep Band Needs Your Help Now!

The Pep Band performs at its last official university athletic event, a men's  lacrosse game vs the Denver Pioneers (April 28, 2003).
In April 2003, UVA announced that it had received a multi-million dollar gift to form a traditional, faculty-led marching band. At the same time, UVA expelled the student-run Pep Band from future appearances at UVA football and basketball games as well as all other "non-money" sports. As a result of these moves, the Pep Band was stripped of its primary performance venue and lost nearly all of the funding it relies upon to buy new music and uniforms, to repair its instruments, and to travel to events away from the UVA grounds. In short, the Pep Band is in desperate financial straits and needs immediate outside assistance to continue as a vigorous performing group.

Together, We Can Keep the Pep Band Scrambling!

To keep this valued University tradition alive, we have started a campaign that we affectionately call "Pep Band 2020." We are seeking donations that will be used to replace the essential operating funds the Pep Band has lost. 

In the short term, the Pep Band intends to arrange scramble band exhibition shows at football games around the mid-Atlantic region this fall as it transitions into something akin to the "Harlem Globetrotters" of scramble bands. The Pep Band also plans to continue supporting UVA athletics (albeit from outside the stadium) and to add its unique spirit and music to events around the UVA grounds and greater Charlottesville.  None of this will be possible unless FVBP can raise enough funds to allow the Pep Band to perform at these events! 
To learn more about the band, visit the Pep Band Website.

In the long term, our goal is to facilitate the Pep Band's return to Scott Stadium. (Hey, the Berlin Wall eventually fell, didn't it?!) By e-mailing your contact information to friends @ orangevest.org (remove extra spaces), we will add you to our database. We hope that with time and input from concerned members of the UVA community, the administration and athletic department will come to realize that showcasing the unique performances of the student-run Pep Band is consistent with UVA's best interests.

Any support you can offer will help us achieve our mission of supporting the Pep Band in its time of need. Unlike UVA, we do not anticipate receiving any eight-figure gifts from wealthy alums with the last name of "Smith." That's why we need your help now!!!






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