Curse of the Pep Band

Huzzah to Evan Macbeth for remembering the fifth anniversary of the athletic department's needless banishment of the Virginia Pep Band ("Pep banned," April 21). Letting the Pep Band play at Olympic varsity sports is a no-brainer. It would benefit student leadership, student musicians and student athletes. What's not to like?

There is also another reason to bring the Pep Band back. Has anyone else noticed that the football team hasn't won an ACC championship since the Pep Band's ouster? Coincidence? Think again. By violating its core value of student leadership, the University appears to have condemned itself to years of gridiron futility (not to mention bland halftime entertainment). Call it the "Curse of the Pep Band."

Think it's irrational to believe in a "Curse of the Pep Band"? Not in the current environment. Asserting a causal link between gridiron failure and the Pep Band's exile is no less superstitious than linking the University's self-worth to gridiron success. In the present era, when the pursuit of football glory trumps all (including student leadership), the only argument the Administration might actually respond to is: "End the Curse, Bring back the Pep Band!"

David S. Black

CLAS '91

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