July 2009


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Trivial Pursuit Pep Band Trivia

Test your VPB knowledge with this edition’s trivia question. The person who comes up with the correct answer first will earn bragging rights and recognition in the next edition of the e-CSRU.

In the last edition, we had a Pep Band Mix-and-Match:

Connect the following venues to the year in which the Pep Band was permanently banned from them:

Ryan demonstrates the proper way to wear a graduation gown (Get that boy some buttons!)

Virginia Tech 2003
Continental Tire Bowl 1977
Sugar Bowl 1985
University of Maryland 1988
Scott Stadium 1990
West Virginia 2002

The correct answers are:

Virginia Tech 1988
Continental Tire Bowl 2002
Sugar Bowl 1990
University of Maryland 1977
Scott Stadium 2003
West Virginia 1985

No one answered correctly, so better luck with this edition’s question:

Question: What ACC mascot was removed from the field in an ambulance during a Pep Band show?

Please email your answers to caitlin.vogus@ orangevest.org and look for the winners in the next e-CSRU! In addition, why not post your fond memories of Pep Band/Mascot antics in the FVPB forums?


Board member Erik busy with important Pep Band business

Meet the Virginia Pep Band Managing Board

This spring the Pep Band elected two new members of the managing board. Because of a change in the Band’s constitution, two board members are elected in the spring. The final board member and the director are elected in the fall. The new board members are:

Board member Erik Larsen (CLAS ’11): Erik (aka Troutie) is probably the only (and thus arguably the greatest) melodica-player ever to scramble. He currently resides in Nörwegia, a newish band house located in a lush suburb of Runk. Erik has pragmatically chosen to double major in Russian language and music, thus positioning himself to get in on the ground floor of the rapidly expanding 19th century Russian ballet rendition industry. Erik's achievements include routinely pwning in IHOP coffee drinking contests and invpoopnting poop languagpoop. He (Erik LarsEn) is not to be confused with the elder and tattoo-ier Erik LarsOn.

Board Member Kohhei Yoshikawa (CLAS ’10) usually goes by Kody (because people cannot pronounce his name). He was born and brought up in Japan till he was 18. Right after he graduated from high school in Japan, he came to the US for college. He is a double major in government (with a concentration in American politics) and cognitive science (with a concentration in philosophy). He plays the trumpet and currently lives in the Ciderhouse, although he is moving out in August. He is concerned that all trumpet players are graduating in 2010, so his goal is to recruit more trumpet players this year.


What Are Those Crazy Undergrads Doing? Recent Pep Band Activities

  • The Pep Band garnered great publicity for itself this spring by bringing the VPB spirit to Lacrosse games. Band members performed outside of Klockner stadium on Saturday, March 28. The Band played for funs, passed out flyers, and even raised a whopping $6 in contributions! You can see the Cav Daily’s front page picture of the band here: http://www.cavalierdaily.com/media/files/print-edition/CavalierDaily_033009.pdf (bottom right).

  • The Pep Band class of 2009

  • Pep banders supported runners in the Charlottesville Half Marathon on April 18 with its performance from the McCue Center parking lot along the course route.  The band played for almost an hour straight, and got a lot of cheers from both runners and supporters. Encouraged by a visit from the Mimosa Fairy, the band played for runners and heard tons of cheers in return (as well as seeing quite a few pairs of short shorts).  Some report that the VPB's presence was advertised on the news when newscasters were talking about the event.
  • The band performed at a couple club baseball games at Burley Field this spring. The club baseball team really appreciated the support and made a few between-inning requests.  In addition to music, the band also got a few cheers going among spectators.
  • Pep Band members supported the Take Back the Night Event with a performance at the rally on the downtown mall.  The TBTN organizers asked the Band to play "Single Ladies" and "Respect" among a few others.


Ye Olde Story Time

As part of an organization with a long history at the University, the VPB inspired many favorite memories and stories in each VPB alum. In each edition of the e-CSRU, FVPB invites you to share your favorite story on a specified topic in the FVPB forums.

This edition's question is in honor of summertime: What is your favorite Pep Band Beach Week memory?

Post your answer the in the FVPB forums, and FVPB will publish our favorites in the next newsletter. (Please note in your story if you do not wish to have it published in the next newsletter.)

While you're there, check out the rest of the forums! They're a great way to learn about band events, alums, social events, and other VPB info in between newsletters!


What About the Old Farts? VPB Alumni News

The life of a Pep Band alum is (almost) never dull! Here's a brief smattering of alumni news. If you have news you'd like to have included in our next newsletter, please email caitlin.vogus@ orangevest.org.

  • Federal Procurement Attorney Extraordinaire Dave Black (CLAS ’91) reports that the procurement of B.E.A.N.S ("Beneficial Economic Activity Negotiated Set-Asides") in the recently enacted American Reinvestment and Recovery Act have been stimulating the development of the F.A.R.T. ("Federal Acquisition Regulation Transformation").

  • Alumni at Ed and Francoise's wedding

  • After 3.5 years of trying to convince her boyfriend, Rob Totaro, to move to Virginia, Lisa Cangelosi (CLAS ’05) accepted his marriage proposal this May and will battle the Albany, NY winters indefinitely.  Rob popped the question by making a video slideshow that included pictures of several far-away pep banders.  The couple plan a 2010 wedding on Long Island, where two things are certain: 1) traffic will suck, and 2) the cocktail hour will make up for it.
  • Ron Culberson's (CLAS ’81) daughter was accepted at U.Va. will be attending as a First Year this Fall. (psst – recruitment chairs, keep your eye out for her!)
  • Nathan Flesher (SEAS '00) and Donna Thibault got engaged earlier this year. They are planning a wedding this fall.
  • Amy Forestell (CLAS ’01) will be moving to the Hudson Valley area of New York in August.  She will be a Professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she will be starting a new astronomy program in their physics department.  She is excited to be close to so many Pep Banders!  (No, her dissertation is not finished quite yet.  Thanks for asking...)
  • Michael Fuchs’ (CLAS '92) second novel, Pandora’s Sisters, was recently published in paperback in the United States. Support the arts here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0230531261?tag=michaelfuchso-20 !
  • Ed Hardy (CLAS ’02) and Francoise Villeneuve were married in May 23, with many VPB alums in attendance to celebrate with the happy couple.

  • Class of 2002 at Foxfield

  • John Koerner (CLAS ’06) and Megan Key (EDU ’08) were married on May 30 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, despite the objections of Hottie McHotterson. The groom declined to do the Spiller Memorial Dance or break out the wheel of passion at the reception.
  • Sam Macher (CLAS ’08) got hitched, and not in a shotgun kind of way. She also has a blog: http://thefussyeaterfoodblog.blogspot.com/
  • Jared Marcantoni (ARCH ’07) proposed to his girlfriend Jodie this spring. The couple plans to enjoy their engagement while Jared attends graduate school in St. Louis starting next fall.
  • Brittany Maslowsky (CLAS ’08) graduated from City Year New York and Americorps on June 19th at Gracie Mansion (the Mayor's house, ooo) after putting in over 2000 hours of service since September! She recently attended City Year’s annual fundraising dinner (and even got asked to sit at a table!) with guest speaker President Bill Clinton and honorees Jack Lew and Jill Iscol. Tiki Barber was there!! Sadly, she did not get to meet him.  In September she heads off to the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education to get an M.S.Ed through their Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development program.
  • Vicky O’Connor (CLAS ’04) graduated from Ross University Medical School on November 30, 2008 with honors.  Her  graduation ceremony was June 5, 2009 in New York City.  She will complete her pediatric residency at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.  She also became an aunt on February 17, 2009 to Cara Lynn Segur, and you can see how adorable she is on Vicky’s Facebook album.

  • The lovely new Rasmussen family

  • Renee (CLAS '00) and Chris (CLAS '97, GSAS '98) Rasmussen had a baby, Xavier James Rasmussen, on May 22, 2009 at 4:32 pm. He was 8 lbs. 2 oz, 20 inches.
  • Steve Rekant (CLAS ’07) accepted a spot to attend the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech and plans on applying to the newly-created combined DVM/MPH program. Fear not - he does not wear overalls, chew tobacco, or like sheep all that much.
  • Emma Whyte (CLAS ’07) recently graduated from American University's School of International Service with her MA in May. In August she will be returning to Mr. Jefferson's Resort and Spa to get her PHD in the department of Politics. Her dissertation will most likely compare modern day Russia to the Federation in the new Star Trek Movie.


From the Bar with SeanMike


The Kitchen Sink

There comes a time for most people when they're tired of making the same old drinks and want to make something new - but don't know what.  You can look around online, try to find stuff that has things that you own in there, or you can try to make your own new drink up.

Banders show off their creative skills

If you choose to do the latter congratulations!  It's a fun thing to do, and like many worthwhile activities you only get better at it as you practice.  There are several obstacles that you can run into and a lot of time for the novice drinkmaker that leads to a specific debilitating condition for the erstwhile drink - that of including everything but the kitchen sink.

What is the taste you're going for?  You can't just start pouring stuff together and hoping it tastes good.  In all odds, it won't, to be completely honest.  Look at what you want to use and think of something good it might taste with - even if you haven't heard of a drink using that before.  This can be influenced by other factors - for instance, a drink I'm trying to make for someone right now should use tequila, but I want it to be pink.  So I've decided that something that might taste good with tequila, which might be an odd thing, is pink grapefruit.

What are the key components of the drink?  Obviously, you have the main liquor - but what else are you going to add?  Don't forget that drinks tend to get watered down by shaking or stirring with ice, so if you want to make small-sized portions and taste then adjust you'll need to add about 1/3rd of the volume you're making in water.

You don't want to forget bitters, too - bitters are to drinkmaking what salt is to cooking.

I look at what I have.  I've got Tequila Ocho, which is a clear 100% Agave tequila that was sent to me as a sample.  I've got Tropicana Pure Indian River Grapefruit juice, which is fairly if not completely pink.  Finally, I've got pink Ting, a Jamaican grapefruit soda that in this case is also tempered with a bit of sugar and lemon juice.  I know I'm going to use a bitters in it but I'm waiting to decide until I've tasted the other ingredients on their own.

Oh no!  It doesn't taste like what I want it to taste like!

And this is when the kitchen sink comes in.  You taste the drink and - ICK!  Or maybe it's close but not quite.  So you grab something else.  Maybe you add in a bit of syrup, but that makes it a little too sweet and thick, so you temper that with some tonic water, which adds a different flavor you want to watch out for so...

Banders enjoying Beach Week

...so stop.


Don't just keep adding things.  When you do that you just make an absurdly complicated drink that is a mush of flavors - you want to keep the flavors vibrant yet working together nicely.

I made the first version of the drink.  Equal parts tequila and grapefruit juice, topped with Regan's orange bitters and pink Ting.  It just didn't really work.

So I stopped.

I waited.

A couple of days later I hit from a fresh angle.  I left out the grapefruit juice and the orange bitters.  I turned the Ting into just a top.  And I added two other ingredients - lemon juice and grenadine - which turned the drink into something quite tasty.

Thus, I present the Camper, named after the writer of Alcademics.com:

The Camper
2 ounces blanco (white) tequila
1 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1/2 ounce grenadine (use real grenadine, made from pomegranate juice, not the crap made from high fructose corn syrup and water.  If you can't find it, get a bottle of POM, add sugar to it, and shake it until it is saturated.)
1-2 dashes Peychaud's bitters (available in any Virginia ABC store)
pink Ting (this is a Jamaican grapefruit soda - try places with large Hispanic sections, or another grapefruit soda.  I find mine at Shopper's Food Warehouse.)

Shake the first four ingredients over ice.  Strain into a cocktail glass and top with the Ting.

Delicious, and enjoy!


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