June 2010


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Trivial Pursuit Pep Band Trivia

Test your VPB knowledge with our trivia question. Please email answers to caitlin.vogus@ orangevest.org.

This edition’s trivia question is: Video Challenge

As seen in these videos of Pep Band performances,

What two unusual objects did the Pep Band conductor use to conduct the band in it’s 1974 Maryland field show?

Please email your answer to caitlin.vogus @orangevest.org. The first person to send in the correct answer will be announced in the next e-CSRU and promptly acknowledged as this edition’s winner! In addition, why not post your fond memories of special field shows in the FVPB Facebook group?

In the last edition, we asked: “What ACC mascot was removed from the field in an ambulance during a Pep Band show?"

The correct answer is: The Maryland Terrapin Turtle.

For sending in the correct answer first, our winner is Brian J. Ford (EDU ’92)! In addition to witnessing this moment in Pep Band history, Brian played trombone for the band, as well as fired the gun to begin each scramble. Congratulations, Brian!

According to esteemed band historians, in 1988 the Terrapin Turtle broke his arm during a wrestling match with CAV MAN on about the five yard line of Scott Stadium while the Pep Band was standing in the end zone waiting to start its pre-game show.  Unable to stop the show once they realized what had happened, the band continued to tell jokes, scramble, and play music as the ambulance drove around its formation and paramedics put the terrapin on a stretcher and loaded him in the ambulance.


Katie plays tooba.

Meet the New Virginia Pep Band Managing Board

The band recently met to elect 2 new members of the managing board. They are:

Board member Katie Albert (CLAS ’11): Katie is the most mysterious board member in recent memory. She is believed to be a linguistics major who plays the tuba, and possibly some other instrument as well. In addition to participating in the Pep Band, she is also a member of Phi Sigma Pi, a national co-ed honor fraternity.

Board member Anna Radcliffe (CLAS’ 12): Anna constituted the entire piccolo and tuba sections last semester, but has since cut back to the lighter responsibility of just playing picc. In her free time she enjoys sober nudity, covering Disney tunes on the accordion, and converting the band to veganism. It has been rumored that her recent election to board was due more to inappropriate carnal relations with an unnamed band official(s) than any political savvy. She is renowned for an aversion to shaving and drunken attempts to learn foreign languages.

Little Anna Lou Hoo

Director Erik Larsen reports that he and the new board plan to continue football scrambling, outside-U.Va. events, and hopefully write another field show to perform next fall. Stay tuned for another report in the next e-CSRU!


What Are Those Crazy Undergrads Doing? Recent Pep Band Activities

As always, the Pep Band has kept an active schedule entertaining U.Va. and Charlottesville community members. Highlights include:

  • O-Hill Field Show: On May 1, the band delighted crowds and stuck it to the man by performing a field show outside the O-Hill cafeteria. The band played old favorites and new hits for about 30 minutes, while delivering jokes and jabs in the finest scramble-band style.
  • C-ville 10 Miler: Band members provided extra incentive and pep for runners in the C-ville 10 Miler this April. You can see a short clip of the band on the local news here.
  • Club Lacrosse: The band cheered on the Hoos when they took on the University of Richmond in club lacrosse this year. Pep Band President Erik Larsen reports that the Richmond team was greatly annoyed and thrown off their game. “I think we did our job,” he reports.

  • Banders out doing a scramble show.

  • Haiti Fundraiser: Community service is still a strong part of the band’s mission. The VBP performed on grounds and on the downtown mall to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti this spring. The band raised $165, which was matched by the The Entrepreneurs' Foundation Help Haiti Fund and donated to Partners in Health.
  • Ivies Trip: Scramble bands of the world, unite! A VPB contingent traveled north to Penn and Brown over Spring break to visit with fellow scramble-banders and perform with both bands at basketball games.
  • Banquet: As always, the band cut loose for banquet this spring. Banquet dinner was held at the CCC campsite just outside of Charlottesville, with band members showing off their culinary skills to provide a delicious meal for attendees. The after party was held at the Glee Club house, where some men arrived in drag, Pete Kester was sorely missed, and the band reportedly drank so much liquor there wasn't enough left for DREGS . . .


Ye Olde Story Time

There’s nothing alums like better than reminiscing about the band’s glory days. Visit the FVPB Facebook group, and share your memories on this edition’s topic:

What class had the best “Toga Party” homecoming skit?

Or, if you’re from before Toga times: What is your favorite homecoming memory with the band, either as a student or an alum?

Post your answer the in the FVPB Facebook group, and FVPB will publish our favorites in the next newsletter. (Please note in your story if you do not wish to have it published in the next newsletter.)

While you're there, check out the rest of the Facebook group, or our forums! They're a great way to learn about band events, alums, social events, and other VPB info in between newsletters!


What About the Old Farts? VPB Alumni News

Wondering what your old VPB buddies have been up to? Here are the headlines of alumni news for the fall. If you have news you'd like to have included in our next newsletter, please email caitlin.vogus@ orangevest.org.

  • When Kyle Binder (SEAS’ 06) isn't filming for 60 Minutes or interviewing for Reuters, he is winning gold medals for his M.D./ Ph.D regenerative work in bioprinting skin for burn patients. You heard right, he is printing body parts.  If you lose a limb from scrambling in the near future, you know where to go.  Sexual favors are highly recommended, though, since this former Asylumnite rules the Orphanage with an iron first. For more on Kyle’s work, see Reuters and The Daily Progress

Five years of Pep Band Directors (1996-2001) at Foxfield.

  • Dave Black (CLAS ’91) has been elected Vice-President of the Boards of Contract Appeals Bar Association for the 2009-10 program year. In his new role, Dave promptly moved to have the name of the BCABA changed to “The Judgment-Winning, Fighting Attorney, In House-Outside Counsel, Honest(?) Litigating Boards of Contract Appeals Bar Association & Gumbo Society Revue, Unlimited!!!” His motion was promptly denied. But Dave did survive the attempt to revoke his election. (In light of the foregoing, Dave has decided to temporarily shelve his proposal that all association members be required to wear a personalized button collection on their suit coats when presenting cases before the Boards.)
  • Lisa Cangelosi (CLAS ’05) married Rob Totaro on April 17, 2010 at the Watermill in Smithtown, NY with many Pep Band alumni on hand to celebrate the couple’s “opening day.” The bridal party included former Pep Band directors Rebecca Louie & Caitlin Vogus, and former managing board member Laura Krupnick.  VPB alumni sung “Hey Baby” (with only SOME questionable lyrics) to the newest Totaro couple, who reside outside Albany, NY.
  • Miles Carey (CLAS ’09) is an 8th grade science teacher in Richmond city schools, and has yet to be eaten alive. He lives in the West End with his brother.
  • Amy Forestell (CLAS ’01) finally finished her PhD in Astronomy last year. Please address all future correspondence to Dr. Forestell. She also has found great fame starting an observatory in New Paltz.
  • Matt “Potato Head” Heller (CLAS ’90) and Ilene Heller just had their second child, Vivian Grace, on May 1, 2010. She joins older brother Andrew Ruben, three years her senior. For those of you who remember Matt and thought him strange, well, yes. Check this out:
    • Andrew Ruben: Born May 1, 2007, 9:12 a.m., 6 lbs, 14.6 oz, 19.75" long.
    • Vivian Grace: Born May 1, 2010, 10:09 a.m., 6 lbs, 14.6 oz, 19 in long.
    Hmmmm. . . .

Banders relive the days of Bus 3 at Lisa and Rob's wedding.

  • Kevin Kolack's (CLAS ’91) second appearance on “One Life to Live” aired May 25th, and you may have seen him on one of several appearances on “Law & Order: SVU,” which are repeating (over and over) on the USA network. You may also hear him as the voice of Stamp the dog in the ubiquitous commercials for Odor Eaters. For fun, Kevin, who lives in New York City with his wife Diane and their dog Queso Blanco, is an adjunct professor of chemistry at The Cooper Union and Yeshiva University.
  • Laura (SEAS ’04) and Josh Krupnick (SEAS ’02) welcomed Eli Dylan on June 2, 2010 at 1:51pm. He was 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches. 
  • Abbe (CLAS ’01), Evan (CLAS ’97) and Natalie (Future CLAS ??) Macbeth welcome the next drummer into the family. Henry Evan Macbeth was born on April 12, 2010. Abbe and Evan celebrated their 7th anniversary shortly thereafter on May 3.
  • Brittany Maslowsky (CLAS ’08) just finished her first year at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, where she is earning her M.S.Ed in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development.  In addition to endless reading and work with a non-profit dedicated to bring the joys of cycling to urban youth, she has been training and fundraising for her cross-country (Providence, RI to Seattle, WA) bike trip this summer through Bike and Build, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of affordable housing issues.  Along the way, her team will be stopping to build houses and give presentations on affordable housing.  Help support the her cause by clicking here:  http://bikeandbuild.org/rider/3628

Anne Tra helps Kyle Binder celebrate his gold medal.

  • Anne “Magistra” Tra (CLAS ’06), the Funkmistress Emerita, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in December with my M.Ed in Latin. She is currently in Winston-Salem distributing knowledge to middle schoolers as the nerdy long-term Latin and French substitute teacher.  Sacre bleu, en français?!  In the fall, she hopes to return to the Commonwealth to teach, but wouldn't mind if she had to work in NC. Until then, she’s staying at the Orphanage with Kyle Binder!
  • Caitlin Vogus (CLAS ’07) graduated from Harvard Law School on May 27, 2010. Next year, Caitlin will return to Virginia to clerk on the Virginia Court of Appeals, as long as her past membership in the Virginia Pep Band does not prevent her admission to the bar.
  • Suzie Wright (CLAS ’09) will attend University of Colorado-Boulder in the fall for a master’s degree in Spanish. Para su tesis de la maestría, ella planea traducir “Rugby Road” al español.


From the Bar with SeanMike


If you’d allow me to dork out a bit – and if you’re reading this, well, you are, so tough – it’s kind of amazing to think about where all the stuff on your plate and in your glass come from.  I sat on the balcony last summer with a now ex, sipping a Negroni – made from a liqueur that comes from Italy (Campari), a French vermouth (Dolin rouge), and gin from Philadelphia (Bluecoat) with a dash of bitters from a company based in New York (Fee’s) – and looked at the fact that we were eating a variety of foods from all over the world, though mostly Europe, and later I smoked a cigar from Nicaragua.  I mean, it’s just kind of cool that we’re that lucky.

At the same time, it makes you appreciate that much more when you get something from close by.  The popular metropolitan way of doing that now is often the farmer’s market; there’s one every Saturday morning less than a block from my house where I can buy all kinds of stuff from the area.  A nearby restaurant does a “Locavore Salad” with ingredients all sourced from the region, and the new butcher shop down near my brother’s place will tell you the farm and location of where they get their beef, lamb, pork, and goat.

Caroling on the bus.

A couple or three decades ago – before most of us were drinking except maybe Pete Kester and Dave Black and other REALLY old farts (I mean, I was drinking, but I was a toddler in a trailer park in West Virginia and it’s just to be expected that I might have had a habit of slamming back longneck beers when people weren’t looking) – the homebrew revolution in America took off.  That’s no big historical surprise to most of us here in the band, obviously.  I’ve had very delicious homebrews from a number of band members and some not-so-delicious.  The latest alum to start homebrewing, Roy Stephan, has made some beers in his first year of doing it that have honestly knocked my socks off, including a sour cherry stout made with cherries from a tree in his backyard (hey, local sourcing again!) and a non-hopped spruce and yarrow beer that made many fans at a picnic at Fort Hyde Park.

Unfortunately, however, home distilling is still illegal.

On the other hand, it’s taking off like crazy.  (And that’s about the most I’m going to comment on that in publication, though I will suggest checking Matthew Rowley’s book Moonshine!, available through Amazon.com; as a note, I do know him, so I’m not totally unbiased.  But it’s really good.)

And on the gripping hand, it’s also leading to more local distilleries as well as a proliferation of white dog whiskey, something I’ll get to in a bit.

If you’ve ever driven on 29 between Charlottesville and northern Virginia you’ve seen signs for the distillery in Culpepper area – Belmont, if I remember correctly.  I’ve never visited their distillery but I’ve tried their product.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m a fan.

About a year or so ago Marshall and I made a trip out to Copper Fox Distillery to visit Rick Wasmund.  Their whiskey is rough as well, though they’re now able to sell it at the distillery – and they sell it with a small oak barrel that you can use to age it yourself.  A couple of weeks in the barrel made it a lot better.  They’re making various things now and I’ve been plotting bitters ideas using their rye spirit.

Banders can make drinks and food! Awesome!

A new distillery is opening up in Loudoun County, one of the little places you can live where you can have all the traffic of northern Virginia with none of the convenience of mass transportation or proximity to DC nightlife.  It’s called Catoctin Creek, and amongst their initial offerings (from what I’ve been told) will be a white dog and a five month aged rye.  I’m interested in trying the rye.

Finally, down near Charlottesville in Nelson County there’s working going on building the Eades distillery.  Currently, Eades is taking single malt Scotch from Scotland, finishing it for a few months in wine barrels, then combining them to make what they call “doublemalts” based off location, such as Speyside or Highland.  One of their reps came by my apartment and gave a tasting to a number of us a few weeks ago.  They can’t really call their product “Scotch” from what I understand due to laws; however, they basically are, and have an intense taste that stuck with us throughout the night (and next day).  It was good, but whoa.

Finally, there’s Bowman’s, who many of you might remember from bottom shelf plastic barrel cheap stuff.  Fewer may know that they were based out of Fredericksburg.  They’re working to come up with a more “premium” line of liquor, the most promising of which to me was their gin.  It’s not actually made in Virginia yet (it’s actually made by Buffalo Trace down in Kentucky) but that will hopefully change sometime soon.

Unfortunately, given what I’ve been told about Virginia laws on distilling liquor, it leads to a prevalence of white dog whiskey and the usual concern I’ve heard people say about Virginia wine – not bad, but overpriced for what you get.

Banders at the annual band banquet.

White dog whiskey is, basically, unaged whiskey.  It’s your prototypical “moonshine” whiskey and can be found in many incarnations nowadays.  Junior Johnson has his name on “Midnight Moon”, for instance, which in a recent taste test between three white dogs I did at home (Death’s Door, Hudson, and it) I found the most agreeable. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it – if anything, it’s interesting to see what a spirit tastes like straight out of the still.  However, it does really feel like this is just a current fad in spirits, especially when companies are charging more for white dog than they do for something they age for 10 years.  Hopefully consumers will realize what they’re paying for what is, really, an inferior product.  On the other hand, selling white dog helps your local distilleries that are just starting get their feet on the ground.

Usually I’d try to end the article with a recipe but I’ve found most white dogs overwhelm almost any other ingredient in the glass.  So if you get a chance, instead I’ll just suggest you check your area to see what’s being made locally and give it a shot.  It’s not a guarantee, but it’s always fun to try!


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