March 6, 2006

It is with deep sadness that we report that Scott Hayes, the Director of the Virginia Pep Band from 2003-04, passed away on March 5, 2006, after a long battle with Leukemia. Scott was 23.

Scott was a great friend to many and will be sorely missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to Scott's family.

Scott joined the Pep Band as a first year in 2000, when the Band was still performing field shows at Scott Stadium. While Scott played clarinet for the Band, he had the distinction of playing "the Bachelor" in the now famous Pep Band skit at the 2002 Continental Tire Bowl that was the Band's last performance at a UVA football game.

Scott's friends in the Band describe him as a "passionate, kind, and bright man" whose "humor and personality made him friends of all." Scott was "a man of great character, strength and devotion, with a sense of humor and playfulness that helped the Band through some of its darkest hours." When some of Scott's fellow Pep Banders visited him in the hospital recently, Scott remained in good spirits.

Arguably Scott led the Pep Band though its most difficult year. Scott was elected Director in April 2003 just a few weeks before the Athletic Department surprised the Band with the news that it was no longer welcome at UVA athletic events. In fact, one of Scott's first official duties was to attend an annual "planning meeting" with officials of the Athletic Department, where he was informed that there was no longer any "plan" for the Pep Band at future varsity sports.

At this critical junction, Scott's leadership held the Band together and, in cooperation with students and alumni, he guided the Band toward a new role at the University. As one of Scott's friends writes, "tactful and even-headed, none of us could have better dealt with the frustration of dealing with the events of 2003 than Scott." While trying to negotiate a role for the Pep Band at Olympic sports, Scott expanded the Band's horizons by arranging for performances at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, the Washington Capitals, and the UVA Ice Hockey Club.
FVPB is particularly grateful to Scott for his willingness to work with us during our first year as a support organization. Neither Scott nor FVPB had any model to follow, and it was through Scott's patience and thoughtfulness that we developed a positive working relationship that has continued with the Directors that followed him.

Scott graduated from UVA in 2004 with an engineering degree. Shortly after graduation, Scott learned that he had leukemia.

Scott's strength and character in the face of adversity, both in his personal life and as Director, serve as an example to all of us. Whether leading the Pep Band through uncharted waters or dealing with his disease, Scott refused to give up.

We are grateful for Scott's service to the Pep Band and thankful for his life. Scott's spirit will live on in all of us.





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