August 14, 2003

Friends of the Virginia Pep Band ("FOVPB") is pleased to announce that the Virginia Pep Band will perform with the Columbia University Marching Band in New York City on November 8, 2003. The Pep Band will perform along side the Columbia Band during the Harvard v. Columbia football game. Financial support from FOVPB is funding the Pep Band's travel to New York City. In response to FOVPB's support, Scott Hayes, the Pep Band's current student Director said, "The Pep Band is extremely grateful for the help provided by FOVPB. Without it, our trip to New York would not be possible. Currently, our trip to play with Columbia is the centerpiece of our Fall 2003 schedule."

David Black, FOVPB's President, said "The Pep Band's New York trip shows how FOVPB can support the continuation of the Pep Band tradition at UVA. We are pleased with the positive response FOVPB has received from the Pep Band's leadership and proud of the Pep Band's continued initiative and enthusiasm."

FOVPB is an organization of people who support the Virginia Pep Band. FOVPB has over 1,500 supporters located around the United States, including over 1,000 UVA alumni. FOVPB's mission is to support the performance activities of the Virginia Pep Band, encourage public interest in the Pep Band, and to preserve the tradition of "scramble-band" style musical ensembles that perform field shows at athletic events.




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