Come to FVPB's Cookout for Pep Band Supporters on Sept. 20 in Northern Virginia!

Come out and meet members of FVPB, other Pep Band supporters, and current Pep Band members!!! On Saturday, September 20, 2003, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., FVPB is hosting a cookout in Falls Church, Virginia. September 20 is an off-week for UVA football, so there's no excuse for not showing up! 

The event will be at the home of Bruce Swenson in Falls Church, a five-year member of the Pep Band in the 1980s. Bruce's address is 311 North Lee Street, Falls Church, Virginia. FVPB officers Dave Black and Ed Hardy will also attend. Any Pep Band supporter (including a friend or family members) is invited! If you want to come, please RSVP to friends@orangevest.org (we need to know how much food to order).

Current members of the Pep Band will be in attendance. This is a great way to show Pep Band members that they have a lot of active, vigorous support. If you are a Pep Band alum, this is also a great opportunity to re-connect with long lost friends. If you are not a Pep Band alum but you support the Band, this is a great way to meet other intelligent people! Please RSVP today!!!




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