FVPB Sponsors Pre-Game Rally for the Virginia Pep Band at UVA's Homecoming!

Before the UVA v. Troy State game in Charlottesville on October 25, come to a get together for all Pep Band alumni and supporters near Scott Stadium! The event will be from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 120A Harmon Street. (Harmon Street is directly off of Stadium Road. Go to www.mapquest.com and type in the address to see how close this is to Scott Stadium!) We will have plenty of beverages and some food (burgers and dogs). Come meet current members of FVPB as well as other Pep Band alumni and supporters who drop by!!! Plenty of Pep Band stories will be shared, old friendships renewed, and ideas discussed about what we can do to get the Pep Band back into Scott Stadium! For a modest donation, you can also receive the official FVPB t-shirt! If you love the Virginia Pep Band, this is the *only* place to be at Homecoming!!!

Plus, the Pep Band will appear and give us an exclusive performance!!!

Important: There will be *no* parking near 120A Harmon Street. You'll have to park at the designated areas for football games. However, 120A Harmon Street is only a block or two from Stadium Road near Scott Stadium.

Finally, if you want to come, PLEASE RSVP by sending an e-mail to friends@orangevest.org by October 19, 2003. (We need to know how much food and drink to procure!)  If inclement weather occurs the tailgate will be cancelled.

Hope to see you there! Viva la Pep Band!!!

--Dave Black
President, FVPB
Pep Band '91


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