Ever find yourself looking for new and exciting forms of entertainment at your athletic event, fundraiser, community event, or other small, medium, or large venues?  Then the Virginia Pep Band is right for you!  Unlike traditional “State-U” marching bands, the Pep Band is perfect for all sizes and types of performances, and are much better suited than many other college bands to providing the exact combination of humor, music, and entertainment you’ve been looking for.  Here are just a few things that they can offer at any event:

The Pep Band performs with the University of Pennsylvania Band (10/11/03).  See the Penn Band website for more pictures and show script.
  • lively, energetic music, ranging from classics such as “Soul Man” and “On Broadway” to more recent numbers, such as “Tripping Billies” and “Istanbul, Not Constantinople”

  • timely and topical humor for any event

  •  movement and fun: the members are constantly dancing, playing games, and having fun during the performance, ensuring visual (as well as auditory) enjoyment

  • the ability to play for any duration of time; while a traditional show at a UVa football game is approximately 8 minutes, the band is also capable of performing for shorter or longer periods of time – whatever is needed

So, what is the typical show you can expect to receive from the Virginia Pep Band?  The Pep Band traditionally scrambles onto the field from the end zone while it is being introduced, and the first joke is being told.  They then make a formation, spelling something (either a word or a picture) to go along with the first joke.  This is followed by the first song, then another joke (while scrambling into a second formation), then another song, and a third joke, formation, and song.  The Band then leaves the field, scrambling off the way they came in.

The Pep Band is always willing to have its jokes ok’d by the directors/owners/head honchos of the venue at which they are playing, and they do their best to provide entertainment that, while at times edgy, does not offend and can be enjoyed by all.  The Band knows what is appropriate, and always does its best to provide that at each venue.

The Pep Band performing in Central Park while visiting Columbia University to perform at the Harvard v. Columbia football game (11/09/03).

The Virginia Pep Band would definitely be a hit with fans at your venue.  By providing humor and fun, along with the music you would expect from any band, they are perfect for entertaining fans and creating excitement at any half-time venue or community event.  To further include the fans in their performance, the Band occasionally brings in guest conductors and/or honorary members from the local area, making them feel like a part of the action.

Finally, you can be assured that the Virginia Pep Band will be right at any venue, as they have a great deal of experience with a variety of performances.  While comfortable at athletic events, such as football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and swim meets, they also annually perform at community events and fundraisers, such as the Charlottesville 10-Miler and the Charlottesville United Way Day of Caring, and have performed at political fundraisers, amphitheaters, and the Kluge Children’s hospital.

So, now that you’re sold on the Virginia Pep Band, you may be wondering: How can I book them for my event?  Contact Scott Hayes, Director of the Virginia Pep Band at vapepband@virginia.edu, and he will be able to get back to you on availability.




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